Completing the LDCSB Application Form

Please note: It is possible to apply using a mobile device or tablet, however, it is highly recommended that a personal computer be used (Windows or Mac) in order to ensure that all of the form fields are completed and attachments are uploaded.

Before beginning the electronic application process, it is important to gather all necessary documents. Please read the application instructions carefully and include all requested information as follows:

  • A cover letter specific to the position you are applying for
  • Your resume as a word processed document (ideally MS-Word, but WordPerfect, .RTF and .PDF are also acceptable)
  • A scanned copy of your educational qualifications in PDF format. (Other acceptable formats include .JPG, .RTF and .BMP, however to ensure accurate printing of your documents, PDF is highly recommended.)
  • A list of 3 current and former supervisors to be used as references

Saving all of the above files in one folder on your computer prior to beginning the application form can save you time once you begin the application process. Please name your files in such a way as to identify them both for your own reference and to assist our HR staff. Example: your resume could be called “JaneSmithResume.doc” and your Diploma or Degree could be called “JaneSmithDiploma.pdf”. Once you have all of the necessary documents ready, the application process only takes a few minutes.

Please note: It is required that your resume be uploaded using the form AND ALSO pasted into the required text area. If you do not paste your resume as required your application will not be submitted successfully.

A web browser running Javascript can be helpful in ensuring that your application is complete. Click here for more information:

Uploading files:

At each stage where a file upload is required, click on the browse button next to the text field. Using the window that opens, navigate to the folder where you have stored your application files and select the appropriate file. Maximum total size of all attachments submitted must not exceed 30 mB.

Scanning Help:

Most candidates will already have an electronic copy of their resume, but scanning and attaching your educational qualifications may take some time. Most scanning software will allow you to create a PDF file from a paper document. If you don’t own a scanner here are a few ideas that may help:

  • You may have a friend or family member that can help you to scan your documents
  • You can use the services of a print or copy store (Staples/ UPS / FEDEX Office are examples)
  • Access the free services of one of the area’s employment resource centres. Example: The London Employment Help Centre

Some candidates may have more than three items to upload as proof of education. We encourage as much information as possible to support your educational achievements. If you have more than 3 items, simply combine items into one or more files to comply with the three-file maximum.

If you scan documents at a location other than where you plan to complete our online application, you can store the file(s) on a USB memory stick or send them to yourself via email to then be uploaded when you apply.

If you have technical issues with the application form please contact our Applicant Management System service provider at: